| Simon S - Leidensweg - Mix / Master |

                  | Simon S - Du fehlst - Mix / Master |

                  | Simon S - Heiliger Zorn- Mix / Master |

Online mixing ‍‍‍‍‍‍

Analog mix‍‍‍‍‍‍

€ 900‍‍‍ ‍‍‍/ per-mix

SSL 6000 E‍‍‍

Analog hard‍‍‍ware‍‍‍

Online mixing ‍‍‍‍‍‍

BAsic mix ‍‍‍

€ 350 / ‍‍‍per-mix

Online mixing ‍‍‍‍‍‍

hybrid mix

€ 600 /‍‍‍ ‍‍‍per-mix

Analog har‍‍‍dware

Analog Mix‍‍‍-Buss


*All prices ‍‍‍exclusive ‍‍‍of 19 ‍‍‍% tax


| Hautamaeki -Vro7-  Master |

| Hautamaeki -Con-  Master |

| Hautamaeki-  Master |

Momentaufnahme - Alexander Völlmer - Mix |

| Herbie Martin Music - Mix |

Jehnniel - Sea Wolves  - Master |

Hi, I am David. You probably came here because you’ve heard   about how I regularly work with leading artists and record labels based in England,  Germany,  Switzerland, Netherlands The United States,  Australia,  Sri Lanka, Japan    and Dubai to   produce /  mix / master great music. 

Getting here wasn’t easy, but I have enjoyed every bit,  because producing great music is my passion. I have learned the art of recording, mixing and mastering by working with   the very best engineers and artists in England and Germany.  Now I work from my own studio in Germany where I can   help you create and capture great music using the best facilities and equipment used in the trade.


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The key ingredient in every excellent recording is YOU, the artist. I will help you express your message, in your style and with your emotions. I can guarantee that I will capture them authentically and in the most  compelling form as they flow in the live room with all my passion and experience, using the best equipment.

 | Live recordings / Location recordings / Full Band sessions / Vocal overdubs /

  Drum overdubs Bass overdubs / Guitar overdubs / Choir  / Orchestras

  Singer-Songwriter Audio books Film music /  New Music |

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         Need your tracks mixed ?, Need a live mixing engineer ?, Want to mix in your own studio or simply need help with a mix ?


 | Contact David Luchow |

Call or SMS +49 1575 2756306‍‍‍


Very special thanks to Kai Schlünz for keeping the grand SSL 6000E   alive and running.  His enthusiasm at every session, indisputable knowledge and experience in trouble shooting problems that arise  in complex mix situations and dedication to make sure every session   runs  smoothly is priceless.              

Thank you Kai.


| Viresh Cooray-  Producer / Artist |

| Guus Krijgsman -  Producer / Artist |

| Edwin Huits -  Producer / Artist |

| Maria Jehnniel Estrellas palma -  Producer / Artist |

| ‍‍‍Hautamaeki-  B‍‍‍and |

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